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About the Owner

Ruwan Meepagala: Teacher of Mindful Sexuality, Writer, Coach

• Coached hundreds of men and women in life creation.
• Featured mindful sexuality expert on AskMen, WITCH, and more.
• Libido counselor on Psychology Today.

What students are saying about Ruwan:

"I had my one on one consult with Ruwan the other day, first off, I was pretty scared. Fear of judgment and rejection fueled my decision making. But you can't hide from Ruwan, powerful, penetrating and non-judgmental interrogation. I highly recommend it.

What we really discovered is that all the issues really making themselves present in my life are a symptom of hiding myself, and the process of revealing myself to the world is the alchemy required to transmute those patterns into the ones I want to have.

I am excited to reverse my paradigm and engage creation and relation in a whole new way. Strap yourselves in, we've got a wild ride ahead :-]"
-Tim, a current student

Isaac Navias: His why in life is to help the human race start thinking more positively then negatively. Once this shift happens we can start using our awesome creative creation powers instead of the destructive powers we tend to use now.

Isaac has used sexual energy to:
•Overcame serious illness.
•Quadruple yearly income.
•Attract his perfect romantic partner to him.
•Live a life of true freedom (financial freedom, health freedom and freedom of expression)

More from our students:

"I want to share a breakthrough I had this morning. I couldn't understand why I was experiencing out of proportion, overwhelming anxiety leading up talking to Ruwan for the first time. Digging deeper I was taken back to a time when I was 6 years old. I had always been very shy, and on this particular occasion I was meant to be doing a solo in a dancing comp for the first time, but when the curtain opened, I instantly froze in fear and panic at all those eyes fixed on me. I was unresponsive and had to be taken off the stage. The pain of that moment has followed me around all my life, but today I realized that the reason I froze in panic was because I didn't know what they all wanted me to be, and hence emotionally overwhelming. Of course, as a grown up I get it now that they didn't have any expectations at all, and so the terror is dissolved, and all the energy that was tied up in that can be transmuted now.

I feel so grateful for the healing opportunity and to allow my vulnerability to be expressed within the safety of this group. I'm looking forward to this journey to see what else lurks in the shadows within!"

-Sophia, a current student

About This Site

What is this all about?

You are about to uncover an immense potential for genius, attraction, and power hidden in your sexual energy!

By learning sex transmutation you’ll:

  • Become Irresistible to Others
  • Gain Tons of Energy, Stamina And Lifeforce
  • Gain the Power to Create The Life Of Your Dreams
  • Access Your Infinite Creativity to Solve ANY Problems That Life Presents You
  • STOP Leaking Sexual Energy, which Depletes You, and Learn to Focus that Lost Energy on What You Want Achieve in Life

(...And Yes... You’ll Turn Your Sex Life into a Life of Sheer Ecstasy and Pleasure)

Harnessing this Energy IS the SECRET to POWERFULLY ATTRACTING WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE and dissolving all that you don’t.

WARNING: This information is HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL. It is NOT for the faint of heart, easily offended or those afraid to talk openly about sex and sexual energy.

If You Are Not Ready To Totally Alter Your Reality With The Power Of Your Own Creative Sexual Energy, Then This Information Is NOT For You.

Hey Bundle of Potential Energy,

I’m Ruwan and I’ve been teaching people to harness their sexual power for years. The fact is you already have an incredible amount of latent sexual energy within you to tap into and unleash.

Everyone has it. Most people have no idea it’s even there and have never even thought about directing it, cultivating it or utilizing it.

It’s actually totally normal in our society. As we have all learned from an early age, it’s not acceptable to talk to about sexuality openly.

Think about how little we are taught about sex, sexuality and sex related topics.

The best most of us get is a 9th grade sex-ed class, a quick talk from one of our parents and access to porn online....

This complete and total lack of REAL education has us culturally separated from our sexual power and kept us ‘good little cogs in the wheel’.

Yet we can all see, that sexual energy is such an incredible force, it doesn’t stop anyone from going forth despite their complete ignorance when starting out...

For most of us, our societal conditioning runs so deep, that we’ve almost never even considered that we even HAVE sexual energy to harness, much less that we should master it.

I Am On A Mission To Unleash People’s Sexual Power.

Not so that they can become sex maniacs, lotharios or sex addicts (quite the opposite really), but because in my opinion


It’s THE most underutilized energy on the planet and it’s about time we all tap into this power that resides within EACH ONE OF US.

To not do so, robs us of so much time, energy, satisfaction and joy in life that it’s astounding and nearly incomprehensible to think about.

Do any of these situations apply to you?

  • You’re Lacking in Energy and Motivation and find yourself tired more often than you’d like
  • You suffer from Anxiety
  • You’re not accomplishing (or even starting on) your biggest goals
  • You find yourself feeling indecisive more often than you’d like and it’s starting to interfere with taking necessary actions in your life
  • You’re a creative person, but don’t feel like the creativity has been flowing consistently or as strongly as it could
  • You find you’re unable to communicate and connect in your relationships to the degree you want
  • Your Relationships, Dating Life or Sex Life lack the Zest and Enthusiasm you wish they had
  • You’re sex life is getting stale, boring ...or worse. You sense there is better sex available, but you’re not sure how to experience it.
  • You’ve suffered a negative ‘sexual encounter’ in the past but you don’t feel you’ve been freed from the trauma of it
The Sexual Transmutation Club

Thankfully despite our conditioning, it does not take 5000 years for us to learn to tap into this energy....

When you are able to transmute sex energy...

  • You become irresistible to others. People will feel like they practically need to know you, pay attention to you, and be around you.
  • You have incredible energy and enthusiasm for life.
  • Your intentions start to materialize effortlessly and much faster than you thought they could.
  • You can access infinite creativity and your untapped genius.
  • You are able to focus on your goals with clarity and achieve them more easily and effortlessly.
  • You are able to feel immense pleasure in your body and can have incredibly sensational sex. (No joke!! This happens to everyone in the course.)
  • You’ll be guided to the correct decision in each moment accessing the power of your instinct and intuition.
  • AND....You’ll just feel Really, Really Good Nearly All of the Time...

Sex Transmutation is exactly what I’ve been teaching people to do for years and exactly what you’ll learn in this home study course


Module 1: Expanding Your Energetic Potential

Taught mindful sexuality expert Ruwan Meepagala

Before we start cultivating too much energy, we need to create the container for it.

  • Grounding techniques: Store huge Reserves of Energy in your Body
  • Intuition Training: Access your body’s Innate Intelligence and connect with your Inner Animal
  • Learn to Move Energy in Your Through Your Internal Energetic Channels to Improve Circulation and Ease

Module 2: Orgasmic Living with Professional Actress and Model

Taught by Founder of Yummy Meditations and successful actress Karen Lorre

  • The Groundbreaking Science of Pleasure: The Nerves Cells of the Brain, Gut And Heart
  • Increasing the Height of Your Orgasmic Pleasure and the Power of Your Orgasms (Or Increasing the Power and Pleasure of Your Orgasms)
  • Learn how to Allow Every Cell in Your Body to Become Orgasmic
  • Channeling Your Sexual Energy for Confidence, Charisma and Magnetic Attraction
  • Orgasmic Transmutation: Using Orgasmic Pleasure to Transmute the Traumas of The Past
  • Give yourself a Spiritual Energy Massage (aka Having Sex with the Universe)

Module 3: Sex. Focus. Meditation. With World Renowned Tantric Expert

Taught by street wise, sex positive, spiritually oriented Lawrence Lanoff

  • Cultivating Raw Sexual Energy
  • Using Sexual Energy to Clear and Optimize Your Mind
  • Ancient Tantric Practices Energy to Move Energy Within
  • Gain the Extraordinary Power Of PRESENCE
  • Learn To Manipulate, Move And Manage Your Energy Field

Module 4: Become Alluring, Fascinating and Magnetic

Taught by founder of Witch Magazine famed occultist Carolyn Elliot, PhD

  • Captivate Others... Regardless Of Your Fashion or Your Appearance)
  • The Interacting Triangle: Magic, Imagination, and Sex Energy
  • Become Dazzling: Turn up Your Internal Heat for greater magnetism and success.
  • Introduction to Sex Magic and Existential Kink

Module 5: Sex Magic: The Powerful Tool For Positive Attraction and The Transmutation of Negative Energy

Taught by highly respected D/S instructor Om Rupani

  • Learn the Powerful Art of Sex Magic Rituals
  • Learn to Convert Pain into Pleasure and Pleasure into Power
  • Uncover your Self-Sabotaging Patterns and Subconscious Desires
  • Turn Every Sensation into Ecstasy

Module 6: The Physical Tools for Sexual Energy Cultivation and Transmutation

Taught by seasoned NYC Yoga Instructor Cindee Rifkin

  • Increasing Instinct and Intuition: Go From ‘Thinking’ To ‘Sensing’ and Tap Into Your Magical Guidance System
  • The Key Yogic Breathing Exercises to Clear Your Energy Pathways
  • Ground and Balance: Contain Your Ever Increasing Sexual Power
  • Unlock Your Power Base: Powerful Exercises That Unleash Greater Energy from The Lower Centers
  • Connection with Your Spirit Through Your Body

Module 7: Hacking Will Power and Habits

Taught by Serial Entrepreneurs Isaac Navias and Ruwan Meepagala

  • How to Prevent Crashes and Make Your Growth Sustainable and Ongoing
  • Build Pleasure into Your Everyday Life
  • Re-Patterning Your Brain for Permanent Results
  • The 2 Minute Solution: Making These Practices Stick and Creating Unconscious Competence in Just 2 Minutes A Day For A Powerfully Lived Life
  • How to Take What You Are Doing Forward Into the Rest of Your Life

Bonus #1: Energetic Penetration

Making what you want welcome and powerfully influencing life in your favor.

  • Learn to set up advanced energy pathways to create favorable outcomes to your desires
  • This powerful technique creates energetic pathways for powerful interactions with anyone you want at any time you want.
  • You’ll be able to talk to who you want when you want (great for approaching members of the opposite sex) influence people, reach people and change the world.
  • This is literally like stacking the deck in your favor...

Bonus #2: Powerful Sleep for a well-rested, healthy and brilliant life.

  • Techniques to prevent fatigue and help sleep
  • Augment your enthusiasm for whatever you're doing
  • Tap into an abundance of energy so insomnia or other sleep issues will no longer cause you to not be able to accomplish your goals

Bonus #3: Attract Your Soul Mate Blueprint

  • The exact Step-By-Step method to help call your soul mate into your life
  • Find that person whose energy flow complements your own and elevate your sexual energy to the next level
  • Avoid drama filled dating and relations so you can find the person who is right for YOU

Don't let this pass you by!  If you have read this far then you know this is for you, take action now!

Cost of Private instruction:

Listen to get private instruction on these topics from the incredible instructors I have here would cost you over $17,000 and you’d have to travel to different parts of the country. Yet we’d end up teaching you the same things we’ll teach you in this home study course.

To Learn This By Reading Every Book On The Topic Would Take You Years Of Study...

(If You Could Even Find The Information We’ve Put Together Here)...

It would require you to compile all the relevant pieces from dozens of books that only loosely cover the topic.

And all in, the books would probably cost you about the same dollar amount, but still require years of study and you still wouldn’t get HALF of what we give you in this program.

In Sex Transmutation Club you’ll also receive personal guidance from me, instruction from world renowned sexual energy experts, not to mention the benefits of learning from your fellow Sex Transmutation Club classmates as they go through the process with you.

It’s literally decades of experience coming together for you in a peer supported environment, thereby accelerating your Mastery of this knowledge tremendously.

Trial and Error:

And to even try to learn what we are going to teach on your own by trial and error would take a decades or more and you still probably wouldn’t ever reach the level of mastery you will in just 10 weeks of this course.

Literally a new life in 2.5 months.

For just $497, you are going to come out the other end of this program with an altered state of existence. A new life where you have harnessed your potent sexual power, made huge progress on the way to achieving your dreams and have the energy (and confidence) to continue forward, improved your relationships and sex life immensely and gained the knowledge and ability to continue to grow in this way for rest of your life.

I can’t stress enough how powerful this course will be for you.

But just so you know, this is a very limited time offer. In January we’ll be permanently increasing our prices and you’ll never see this price for this amazing course again...

I’m so sure of it’s worth and the power of your transformation that I’ll even let you try it out for 30 days and if for any reason, it’s not for you, you can get a full refund. (I know you’d be trading away so much of your future if you did, but I just want you to know that this program is not fluff, it’s powerful, life changing information and I stand behind my work 100%.


Lesson 1:

How to Get the Most Out of This Course


Lesson 2:

Sex Energy Workbook


Lesson 3:



Lesson 4:

Energy Settling for Sleep


Lesson 5:

Heavy Bones Technique (downloadable audio)


Lesson 6:

Calling In Your Perfect Partner Blueprint (Bonus)


Lesson 7:

Sexual Transmutation Meditation (downloadable audio)


Lesson 8:

Dragon Tiger Return to Source


Lesson 9:

Turn On Teaser

SECTION 3: Module 1: Energy Fundamentals (Ruwan Meepagala)

Lesson 10:

Energy Fundamentals


Lesson 11:

Energy Cycling


Lesson 12:

Energetic Penetration

The Sexual Transmutation Club

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